5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Proposal

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we wanted to revisit our tips for planning a marriage proposal! Is anyone planning to pop the question anytime soon? Look no further! We have everything you need below!

The Best Tips for Planning a Marriage Proposal

Engagement Tips for Proposing

Deciding to propose is one of the most exciting things…while figuring out how to propose can terrifying. Custom Love Gifts, Events, & Prints created a proposal inspiration captured by Star Noir Studio to showcase the top 5 tips for a great proposal.

Knoxville TN Proposal Ideas

#1. Get ring advice from trusted sources

When planning a proposal it is always important to get input on the ring before you purchase. Talk about the ring purchase before you make the big commitment… buying a ring. You don’t have to narrow it down to “the one” before you shop, but come armed with some pictures and some knowledge about the style you should be buying. If you are hoping the proposal will be a surprise, ask a trusted friend that knows the style habits of the person you are asking. A couple of opinions can be a good thing, but don’t make yourself overwhelmed with too many people offering their two cents. One or two trusted close friends or family members should be more than enough insight. Visit more than one jewelry store, like Fountain City Jewelers, to get a better expectation of what you will be able to afford.

 Engagement Ring from Knoxville TN

#2. Choose somewhere private

A proposal is a special moment and keeping it private can make it more comfortable and romantic. Do you have to rent out an entire restaurant like we styled in our inspiration shoot? No, but even just requesting a private corner and letting the venue know ahead of time can make all the difference in getting a little one on one time when you are ready to pop the question.

How to Propose

#3. Add romantic details

Choosing romantic little details can make the moment even more special. Think flowers, candy, wine, music, etc. Celebrate with adorable little champagne cake cocktails like these from Gail’s Custom Cakes. Choose a place that offers her favorite house wine- or in the case of Citico’s Restaurant & Club, an on staff sommelier can offer the best wine choices.

Engagement at Citico's in Wind River Resort Lenior City TN

#4. Get sentimental

There are a slew of ways to make the proposal even more special by offering up a little bit of sentimental details. Choose the place you met, design the ring that is the spitting image of their mother’s, or a floral arrangement that include their favorite flower, like these deep red roses from Melissa Timm Designs.  When thinking of ways to make the proposal extra special, think of the little quirks and favorites.

Proposal Flowers Knoxville TN

#5. Drop a hint or two

Even secret proposals can withstand a hint or two. A girl loves to be prepared and dropping the notion that something special is going to happen (even if they don’t know what it is) is always a good idea. You don’t have to come out with all the details, but knowing you are on the same page with the person you are asking to marry you is a must. Talk about marriage and gauge the reaction. And a reason to get all dressed up for the occasion, like this beauty palette by Southern Sirens and hair accessories from The Gilded Gown, will make a girl more comfortable during all the teary eyed selfies the two take after the “Yes!”.

To hire Custom Love Gifts, Events, & Prints to plan your proposal (including a photographer to take secret pictures!), email today!

Tips for expecting a proposal



Design & Coordination: Custom Love Gifts, Events, & Prints
Photography: Star Noir Studio
Hair & Beauty: Southern Sirens
Cake and dessert: Gail’s Custom Cakes
Venue: Wind River Resturant and Club
Florals: Melissa Timm Designs
Jewelry: Fountain City Jewelers
Accessories: The Gilded Gown