5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Date

During the wedding planning process, so many details will depend on your chosen event date. From your wedding style and decor to your event venue, your wedding date is the crucial component upon which your celebration depends. At the same time, however, an abundance of brides are often unaware of how their dates will affect their weddings in terms of cost, convenience, and guest attendance. Fortunately, that’s where our expertise comes in. Below are five tips for choosing the perfect wedding date for you!


  1. Weekday discountsFor the budget-concerned bride, choosing to hold your ceremony on a weekday could be a solution that is both cost-effective and efficient. Because the majority of weddings take place on Saturdays, venues frequently offer discounted rates for rentals on weekdays. If your guest count is on the smaller side and you know that most of your friends and family would still be able to attend, getting married during the week could be an ideal fit for you.

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  2. Holiday weekend price surges. While the idea of New Year’s Eve nuptials or a Memorial Day marriage may seem like your dream wedding, you should keep in mind that tons of other couples feel the same way, and vendors will often raise their prices in accordance with the increased demand for their services. Furthermore, getting married on a holiday could also negatively affect your guest count, as many people have family celebrations and plans in place that will force them to respectfully decline your RSVP.

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  3. Other people’s anniversaries, birthdays, and family celebrations. Similarly, remember to take other people’s important dates under consideration. If you want to hold your wedding on the same day as someone’s birthday or their annual family reunion, be prepared for that person to be absent from your special day. Especially if it’s a significant date within your family or your group of friends, consider rescheduling your wedding by a week or two.

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  4. Sports. Especially here in the south, football fever is a way of life, and holding your wedding on a game day means either means a blow to your guest list or several disgruntled attendees huddled around their cell phones keeping score.

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  5. Weather. Do you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding? Probably skip the month of April. If the success of your dream wedding requires certain weather circumstances, pick up a Farmer’s Almanac for an estimation of what you can expect on a given date. Of course, it’s not a guaranteed forecast, but it’s a great place to start.

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