A Holy Union: Mary-Beth & Zachary


When Mary-Beth and Zachary arrived to Dara’s Garden on the morning of their June wedding, they had no idea what kind of magic the day to come would hold.


As Mary-Beth, bright-eyed and eager, sat for Orange Blossom Artistry’s flawless hair and makeup, Zachary and his groomsmen donned dapper printed socks and reflected on the love story that led to this day, the beginning of forever for a couple whose dedication to one another was only rivaled by their mutual devotion to God. Indeed, every aspect of the morning resembled something from heaven itself, as Danielle Evans Photography’s light and airy images clearly demonstrate.



Once the last touch-ups were applied and the final coat buttons were thumbed into place, the couple had an emotional moment as they held hands, hidden from view from one another by a door, as a prelude to their walk down the aisle. And, when Mary-Beth, perfumed in Miss Dior and the fragrance of flowers arranged masterfully by Megan Connors Floral Styling, finally approached Zachary at the altar, the palpable shock of a mutually experienced beatific vision marked the perfect beginning to their perfect forever.


After a heartfelt ceremony which included a foot-washing ritual that perfectly echoed the couple’s religious convictions, the newly wed man and wife proceeded to celebrate with all of their family and friends in such a joyous manner that no onlooker could doubt the fateful excellence of their union. Beneath Event Rentals by Rothchild’s summery reception tent, the party ate exquisitely from Rothchild Catering’s delicious menu and danced excitedly to the music curated and played by Knox Vegas DJs. The afternoon was so picturesque, in fact, that when Mary-Beth tossed her bouquet, the lucky bridesmaid who caught it could hope for nothing more than a wedding as lovely as this.


At the end of it all, seeds were tossed in place of rice, engagement rings were exchanged for wedding bands, and fiances became spouses as heaven, for a single day, truly became a place on earth.




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