Approaching Autumn: Rustic Wedding Favor Jars You’re Guaranteed to Love

As the weather slowly starts to cool and we inch closer and closer to the beginning of autumn, we are seeing an influx of rustic and fall-inspired wedding details that have us swooning–especially the edible ones. Therefore, in celebration of the return of all things rustic, we bring you a little throwback to our list of the perfect edible favors for your wedding! Enjoy!


Eat, Drink, and Be Married: A Guide to Edible Wedding Favors

Your venue is rented, your menu is chosen, and your decor is bought and boxed up, ready to go. You think you have it all figured out, and then you realize the one glaring omission from your wedding day preparations: favors. What will you give your guests as a thank you for coming to celebrate your special day? And moreover, what can you choose that won’t break your budget?

Our answer is simple: food. Yes, your reception was catered, but we’re not talking about providing an extra meal; we’re thinking of something a little smaller and a whole lot sweeter. Below are three gourmet favor ideas guaranteed to get your guests’ attention!

1. Mini Mason Jars. These adorable jars are two ounces, the perfect size for a single serving of our eleven filling options: honey, original apple butter, pumpkin apple butter, cranberry apple butter, maple syrup, sugar and spice mix with a recipe for French toast, strawberry jam, strawberry moscato jam, blackberry jam, blackberry merlot jam, or blueberry jam. No matter what flavor you choose, these jars are perfectly suited for a Spread-the-Love theme! Additionally, you have over 100 fabric toppers to choose from, ensuring that these adorable favors will perfectly complement your wedding design!

2. Mini Maple Syrup Bottles. Filled with two ounces of grade-A maple syrup, these precious little bottles look adorable dressed in any fabric topper you could choose and tied with a bow! Adding a custom-designed label gives these favors even more appeal, and they’re especially appropriate for a wedding with a Love-is-Sweet sentiment.

3. Whiskey Soaked Caramel Tins. A gift guaranteed to please the guys at your reception, our delicious caramels are soaked in a touch of whiskey and packaged in a sleek silver tin. Also a great idea for a groomsman’s gift, these caramels are a smash hit for weddings with a Tennessee theme or a bourbon-heavy signature drink.

No matter what you choose, we promise that your guests and your budget alike will adore these gourmet food-centric favors! To see more favor ideas or to place an order, visit our Etsy shop (where Custom Love started!) or send an email to