Elevating Your Guests’ Experience

If you’ve ever been a guest at a wedding, you know that, while beautiful, not all weddings are the most entertaining events to attend. You sit through a ceremony, mingle for an hour, have a meal, and then sneak out after offering your well wishes to the couple. As the bride, however, you want for your wedding to be a little more exciting, to really elevate your guests’ experience and get them involved in the day…but how? Below are a few fun suggestions for how to get guests involved in your wedding!

(Photographer: Finding Eden Photo)

  1. A photobooth. One way to make your guests feel included in your wedding is to rent a photobooth. Equipped with hats and fun props (that you could easily purchase from the dollar store), renting or creating a photobooth not only gives your guests a fun activity during the reception, but also creates tons of memories that you can look back on later—like when you create a scrapbook from all of the photo strips.

    (Photographer: Star Noir Studio)

  2. Yard games. Especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding, yard games can provide the perfect opportunity for guests to have some fun if dancing isn’t their thing. Plus, choosing team-oriented games such as cornhole or horseshoes is an excellent way to get the mingling going.

    (Photographer: Sun Kissed Smiles)

  3. Interactive guestbook. So many options for this one! Polaroids, Jenga pieces with handwritten wedding advice, a thumbprint tree—all of these are fantastic choices to make your guests feel included in the biggest day of your life while also taking a piece of them with you once everything is said and done!

    (Photographer: Leah Moyers)

  4. Build-your-own bars. Having a morning wedding? Consider adding a Bloody Mary bar to your reception! Are your guests especially crafty? A bouquet bar could be so much fun! Whatever kind of build-your-own bar best fits your event, simply setting up these stations throughout your reception space creates fun activities for guests to enjoy once the meal is over!

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