Gear Up for Gatlinburg: T-Shirts to Benefit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Relief Effort

smoky mountain tee

In the aftermath of the wildfires that ravaged East Tennessee for days, claiming three lives and forcing thousands of residents to evacuate while largely destroying downtown Gatlinburg, we at Custom Love feel compelled to give back to a community which has lost both property and its sense of security. Therefore we will be selling custom designed t-shirts to benefit the rebuilding effort.

Designed in-house, each t-shirt will be smoky gray with orange graphics bearing the words “I Love You To The Smokies and Back”. Each t-shirt will be sold for $25, with $15 of the cost of each shirt will be donated directly to the Friends of the Smokies. The portion of the proceeds not donated will cover the cost of materials, printing expenses, and Etsy listing and transaction fees.

As the shirt will be sold through our Etsy shop, buyers will have the option of purchasing from two listings. One will allow you to pick up your order at our shop at the Knoxville Center Mall or The Southern Market, and the other will include the shipping cost to have the shirt delivered to your door.


For those who may not know, a historic wildfire burned through East Tennessee for days, devastating massive swaths of Gatlinburg Monday night and displacing thousands of people whose homes were in the path of the growing flames. The fires claimed the lives of three burn victims by Tuesday afternoon and destroyed more than 100 homes and structures, including significant portions of the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts and the historic Gatlinburg Welcome Center sign which had sat at the mouth of the national park for decades.

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As USA Today reports, “The National Guard plans to deploy personnel to help clear debris, but no timeline has been set for their arrival.” The stark title of an Appalachian Magazine article, however, simply states that “Gatlinburg is Gone.” It’s clear that the city needs our support and, beyond that, any assistance we can give to those affected by this tragedy.


For any additional information about the shirts we are offering or answers to any questions you may have, feel free to email us at!

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