Hair and Makeup Tips from Southern Belle Beauty

Here today to answer some questions about wedding day hair and makeup is Brandalyn Howard of Southern Belle Beauty, one of East Tennessee’s premier on-site hair and makeup artists! With years of experience in her field, Brandalyn is an expert on all things beautiful and glamorous. Enjoy!


Makeup: Airbrush vs. Traditional

A question we are often asked: Is airbrush or traditional makeup better for my wedding day? The answer is that it’s different for every person, depending on the skin type. Airbrush makeup is often confused with photo airbrushing techniques used by the photographer when editing. Airbrush is a beautiful, long lasting, high-definition finish that photographs flawlessly, but if done incorrectly, can look flat. Like almost all makeup, and despite much misconception, it is water resistant, not water proof. Airbrush makeup by itself looks best on people who naturally have a fairly even complexion, but can be combined with traditional makeup if acne scars, large blemishes or deep under-eye circles are a concern. As long as your MUA is equipped with the right tools, products and training, an “airbrushed” and high-definition look can easily be achieved with traditional makeup.  It is important that you hire a MUA that has an expertise in both types. That way, the perfect look can be customized for you on your special day. All of Southern Belle Beauty MUAs operate at an expert level and have years of experience in both categories. They will conduct a thorough consultation and will work with you to decide which type, or combination, will make your wedding day makeup look flawlessly beautiful both in person and on camera.


Tips on Hair

Be realistic about your hair and what it will do. Let’s face it ladies, our hair is not always going to do what we want, or look the same as the models we see in magazines. Often, these pictures are taken under the perfect lighting circumstances and the hairstyles have been enhanced with hair extensions or hair padding to create a dramatic look. These hair models are hand-picked and have usually been prepped with dimensional hair color to make the styles that much more appealing. So, while we are confident that your hair, no matter how fine, thick, short or long, can be stunning on your wedding day, not all styles will be a perfect match for you—at least not without a little help. Luckily, Southern Belle Beauty stylists are trained in multiple types of hair extensions if you need a few extra inches of length, some color dimension, or want to add fullness to fulfill your bridal hair vision. We may also add hair padding or enhancements to give your updo the volume you desire.







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