How to Make a DIY Christmas Centerpiece

We’re two weeks into December, and Christmas is around the corner! As you’re planning for holiday parties and your annual Christmas dinner, you might consider adding a little flair to your tablescape or home decor with our adorable DIY Christmas present centerpieces! Not only are they easy to make, but they’re also guaranteed to bring a uniquely festive atmosphere to your celebration. Find out how below!

What you’ll need:

–a square box (we used a box of Kleenex)
–3 yards of red and white striped fabric
–a roll of 2 1/4″ red ribbon
–a roll of 1 1/2″ red and white chevron ribbon
–a roll of twine
–a rubber band
–hot glue gun
–gold cellophane
–a candlestick
–silver spraypaint

  1. Wrap your box in fabric the same way you would a gift, and be sure to hot glue each fold. Once you have fully wrapped your box, tie off excess fabric with a rubber band.
  2. Hot glue red ribbon around two sides of your box, tucking excess length under the rubber band. Repeat this process with your chevron ribbon, taking care to center it within the red ribbon.
  3. Cut your gold cellophane into four sections. Tie each into a festive spray and hot glue into center of excess fabric. Make sure that the foil crests slightly above the fabric for visibility.
  4. Cut your chevron ribbon into 6″ sections. Fold each section in half and staple ends together. Hot glue each loop evenly around the top of your box, using the rubber band around excess fabric as your guide. Once glue has dried, tie a twine bow around your rubber band.
  5. Spraypaint your candlestick, rotating as you do so for even coverage, and let dry.
  6. Once spraypaint has dried, hot glue your box to the top of your candlestick. Be thorough, ensuring that the box is firmly affixed to the candlestick.

And there you have it–an adorable Christmas present centerpiece perfect for your holiday table! Are you planning to try this project at home? We want to see your finished products! Send any pictures to, and we’ll be back with another post next week. See you then!