Nine Ideas for Your Wedding Send-Off

At the end of your wedding day, you want to create one last breathtaking moment to conclude the evening with a grand exit. However, unless you’re frequently involved in weddings (or just have an avid Pinterest habit), you may not know how many send-off options you have. Below is a list of possibilities to get you started!

  • Sparklers. The classic choice, sparklers are a tried-and-true exit method. Not only do they photograph well, but they are also an ideal choice for an outdoor, evening wedding.
  • Glow Sticks. Another option suited for an evening wedding, glow sticks provide a great sense of motion in your photos and require basically no clean-up.
  • Spirit Shakers/Pom Poms. Is your wedding on a game day, or are you incorporating your team spirit into the wedding décor? This is the way to go. Vibrant and self-contained, spirit shakers are a rising trend in the wedding world.

    (Photographer: Danielle Evans)

  • Lavender. For the eco-conscious bride, outfitting your guests with lavender to toss is an environmentally friendly way to exit from your wedding that is fragrant and photographs beautifully.
  • Bubbles. Perfect for a daytime wedding, a bubble exit celebrates all things light and whimsy. Consider this option, too, for an indoor wedding to minimize any clean-up afterwards.
  • Chinese Lanterns. Timeless and breathtaking, Chinese lanterns add an almost surreal beauty to the atmosphere of your reception. Be sure to check your state regulations, however, as certain regions (such as the Smokey Mountain National Park) prohibits the use of these lanterns due to their potential as a fire hazard.

    (Photographer: Danielle Evans)

  • Rose petals. Rose petals are an excellent choice for a wedding with lots of natural light and a soft, romantic aesthetic. Consider choosing petals in different hues of your wedding colors.
  • Noisemakers. If you’re having a more raucous celebration, noisemakers are an obvious front-runner, and also serve as a fantastic favor for your guests to take home after your reception.
  • Getaway Car. For the couple who wants to make a dramatic exit, consider renting a getaway car to spirit you off to your honeymoon.

(Photographer: Star Noir Studio)

Do you have any other ideas for a grand exit? Email! We’ll be back next week!