Save the Dates: How and When to Send

Congratulations! You’re engaged, and the wedding is approaching quickly. Suddenly, you’re at the stage in the planning process where it starts to get real—sending out Save the Dates. While printwork as a whole can be confusing, the etiquette of sending Save the Dates is often a more head-scratching endeavor than invitations and thank-you cards. Below, we’ve outlined a few tips that we hope will clear up any questions you may have!

  1. Send out your Save the Dates roughly six months before your wedding (or eight, in the case of a destination wedding or an all-weekend event). This is enough time to begin to approximate your guest list, but not so far in advance that your guests will forget to mark off the date on their calendars and begin to arrange any necessary requests for time off or travel plans.

  2. Your Save the Dates should include your names, your wedding date, the location (even if it’s just the city!), and the sentence “formal invitation to follow.” Other than that, you can get as detailed and creative as you want–we often printing on magnets!
  3. Only send a Save the Date to people you actually want to come to your wedding (these would be the names from your A-list of guests). Can you imagine how awkward it would be to send a Save the Date to someone who did not then receive an invitation? Save yourself the trouble here. Besides, if you find that you’re able to extend any invitations to guests from your B-list, you can still send a Save the Date at that time, as long as you’ve ordered a few extras.
  4. Similarly, be clear with how you address your envelopes. Be specific and include only the names of those who you are inviting. Additionally, to avoid any later confusion, this is the perfect opportunity to cut down on any plus-one confusion—if you’re inviting the guest to bring a date, indicate that on the envelope. If anyone takes issue with who is and isn’t being told to anticipate an invitation, simply blame any perceived omissions on budget constraints and move along.

Do you have more tips for sending Save the Dates? Fill out the form below, and we may update this post with your input! Otherwise, we’ll see you again next week.