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6 Things That Will Have A Major Effect on Your Wedding Budget

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As we discussed in yesterday’s edition of The Bride Guide that nothing will effect your budget more than the number of guests you invite. Today we will discuss some other details of your event that will add dollars to the bottom line of your wedding. At the end of the post I have included my always helpful budget spreadsheet planner to help you plan your own budget!

#1  Size of Your Guest List

If the budget is really tight, a small intimate wedding is one route that will make things a lot easier on your wallet. A large wedding can still be done on a tight budget, but just be prepared to get creative and roll up your sleeves to some DIY projects.

#2  Theme of the Event

Some themes can be less expensive that others to pull off. Rustic themes can be less expensive- of course burlap and mason jars with baby’s breath are usually cheaper than elegant Eiffel tower vases with orchids on a very ornate satin linen. I always recommend to shop around on wedding theme ideas, but before you choose a definite come up with a budget and make sure it is doable.

Rustic Wedding Must Haves

#3  Time of Day

Depending on the time of day you hold your ceremony, the catering costs can widely vary.  Weddings earlier in the day can get by with offering lighter meals, or even simply light appetizers for between-meal receptions.  In addition to the time of day, the longer your wedding is the more drinks and food will likely be consumed and more money you will spend on guest refreshments.


#4  Day of the Week

Several high quality vendors and venues are a steal of a deal on a Tuesday for example, instead of the jam-packed weekend.   If you are looking for ways to trim your budget, ask vendors if they offer special rates outside of the super busy Saturday spots.

#5  DIY Projects

A do-it-yourself craft or two can alleviate some financial stress, but beware of overloading yourself with so many tasks that it becomes daunting. Even if everyone agrees that you are a DIY guru, don’t forget that you are supposed to enjoy yourself and be a guest of honor for the night, not work the event.

Wooden Tags for Rustic Weddings

#6  Experience & Quality of Vendors

Yes, you will save money by having someone you know with speakers, a little knowledge, and some acoustic talent or a sweet playlist be your DJ for the night. But when you don’t hire an experienced vendor you lose out on the peace of mind, preparation, and professionalism.   From experience to owning extra emergency equipment, a quality vendor is worth every penny.  Let’s say a certain photographer is out of your budget. Get creative and look at the smaller packages they offer or ask if they have an associate photographer with quality work at a lower price.  Don’t give up too early that a quality vendor is out of your reach.


I hope this tidbit of information was helpful to you when creating your wedding budget.  The most helpful thing I can suggest is to create a detailed spreadsheet of every item you would like to include in your big day.  You will find the budget spreadsheet I use here:

Wedding Budget

Next week we move on to more topics that will help you plan your wedding in The Bride Guide!

How much did you budget for your wedding?

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