The Bride Guide: The Cake

Wedding Cake Tips & Advice

When searching for your wedding cake, there are many things a bride should consider.  From taste, to price, to size, to design making decisions on your wedding cake can quickly become overwhelming.  For today’s Bride Guide I wanted to give some basic tips that make choosing your wedding cake a piece of cake!


Cake by Sweet Beginnings by Elaine, Photo by Star Noir Studio

Why do wedding cakes cost more than regular cake?

It’s all about design.  If you went to a wedding cake designer and ordered a plain white sheet cake the price would be pretty low.  But its your wedding and you don’t want plain sheet cake, When choosing a design show your cake artist, keep in mind that a more simplistic design will be less expensive than an ornate style.  Its all about how long the details take to create.

Classic Cake Flower Ideas

Cake by Gail’s Custom Cakes, Photo by Star Noir Studio


How much cake do I need?

I can’t tell you how many times I have had an entire bottom tier of cake left completely  untouched at the end of a wedding (with nothing to put it in, mind you!)  Seriously, I bring Saran wrap just in case I have a mondo cake to deal with at the end of a wedding.  Don’t over do it when you order your cake size.  Remember, a couple guests may leave before you cut the cake but even more than that, not everyone will want cake.  Some guests aren’t hungry, some don’t like cake, some are busy dancing, etc.  If you serve alcohol at your wedding it is likely that less cake will be eaten.  I use a rule that about 80% of the guest list will want cake.

Wedding Cake Knoxville TN

Cake by Sweet Beginnings by Elaine, Photo by Perfect Capture Photography


Do you need a grooms cake?

Like many elements you often see at a traditional wedding, it is up to you if you want to include it or not.  A groom’s cake can be a fun way of showing off something you wouldn’t choose as a wedding cake.  It is also an opportunity to mix up cake flavors and offer something total different than your wedding cake.


What flavor will your wedding cake be?