The Bride Guide: The Videography

Why You Should Hire a Videographer for Your Wedding

For today’s Bride Guide we are going over tips for hiring a videographer and our advice as to why you really really need one.  Tommy from Rellek Video Productions dropped by to offer up his advice on wedding videography.

Wedding Videography Tips Knoxville TN
From Tommy, Rellek Video Productions:

I know what you are thinking. Videographer??? That just isn’t in my budget. Well just go with me here, let me tell you why hiring a professional videographer is worth the investment. Your wedding day is one that goes by so quickly—you plan, you prepare, you spent tons of time, energy, and money… and, once the day is here, it passes like sand through your fingers. That’s why a wedding video is so important. It’s like a time capsule that transports you back to your day and allows you to relive each tender moment. There is something about video that is magical. Video is able to capture the details, expressions, and little moments that only happen once.

Why hire a professional?

Why not have a good friend or relative hop on a tripod and film the event from the back? Let’s think this through for a moment. First of all, I can almost guarantee you that Aunt Helen would much rather be enjoying your wedding rather than filming it. Furthermore, even if Aunt Helen has mad i-movie skills, there are still things she may miss and technical features she can’t include. It takes more than just a great camera to produce a wedding film. A professional has the equipment (thousands of dollars worth) and knowledge to turn your footage into an amazing video that you will cherish and want to play over and over again. A professional videographer knows what shots to get, how to maximize lenses and lighting, and sometimes spends up to 40 hours editing your footage. Yet another perk, is that a videographer has worked with other vendors and can communicate and coordinate with them. They have experience attending to those around them and know where to be and when.

Knoxville Wedding Videographer

Check out some videos from Rellek Video Productions here:

So you decided you want to hire a professional videographer! Good for you! Now what?

First look at your budget. Videographers vary in price. Most offer multiple packages, hours, and prices. You can almost certainly find a videographer that will fit your needs. Next start thinking about style. Many videographers have a style that makes them unique. Look at their website and take time to view a couple of their videos. If you love what you see, e-mail them and ask to set up a meeting. Remember you are not signing a contract. This just gives you a chance to get to know them and see if they are able to catch your vision. If you think they are perfect go ahead and book them (this may involve a deposit to save your date). I can assure you, choosing a videographer will be investment that you won’t regret. Your video will last beyond the cake and flowers and will be a keepsake for your family for generations.

My production company, Rellek Video Productions, is based out of Maryville, TN just outside of Knoxville. The beauty and legacy of the Great Smoky Mountain region provides an exquisite location for memories and film. I would be honored to tell your story–whether it is about your home, your love, or a moment in your life.  Feel free to contact me to discuss your video at or 865-321-1313.


What moment do you consider a “must have” on your wedding video?