The Taylor Wedding: Part III


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Once the newlyweds, vows still fresh in their mouths, led their recessional back down the aisle, it was time for a change of venue and the beginning of the day’s celebrations. The party traded The Historic Southern Railway Station for The Standard, a gorgeous industrial space lauded as one of Knoxville’s premier event venues, in preparation for an ornate reception catered by Rothchild Catering upon beautiful tablescapes designed by Custom Love.


The scene, a glittering tableau fit for royalty, marked a complementary transition from the ceremony. Rather than the clean, stark atmosphere of the day’s beginnings, the Taylors’ reception opted for minimalism in brick and concrete, transitioning the affair’s focus from the big picture to the details. When the guests arrived, they were directed to find their seats by locating the gold-and-white cracker rolls (another nod to the bride’s English roots) tied with tags bearing their names. This was not simply a reception: it was an experience.


After the wedding party was introduced and the guests had eaten their perfectly plated meals of sliced herb-crusted beef in red wine sauce, the options for amusement abounded. The party danced joyously to a perfectly curated soundtrack played by Sequoyah Entertainment, sipped cocktails mixed expertly by The Pour Guys, and created takeaway memories in a photobooth, complete with all varieties of props, provided by Memories in a Flash. There was a sprawling candy bar with all of Megan’s childhood favorites, a tray of various Jimmy John’s sandwiches wrapped in London Times butcher paper, a three-tiered wedding cake also from Rothchild’s Catering embellished with lyrics from The Beatles’ “All You Need is Love”; everywhere one turned, Bacchanalian revelry abounded.


And perhaps it was the wine, or the hour, or the shade of summer dusk, but love abounded. Every other moment, it seemed, was punctuated by a well-wish, a kiss on the cheek, a hearty laugh and a clasped hand. Megan and Nick, now cherished celebrities at a gala in their honor, were barraged with affection so genuine and so grand that no one in attendance could doubt the strength of their union or the scintillating future that stretched before them like a golden road to the horizon.


By the time of the couple’s exit, bouquets and garters tossed and speeches made, the success of the event hung above the grinning crowd as brightly as the moon in this, a private universe suspended within a single day. As Megan and Nick walked hand in hand through neon glowsticks and cascades of airy bubbles, a spectacle all its own, their wedding hashtag transcended, became a prophecy fulfilled: no one could cast the slightest doubt that the girl from England and the boy from the American South were, indeed, “Taylored” together forever.



Reverend Christopher Watson
Custom Love
Event Rentals by Rothchild
The Historic Southern Railway Station
Jimmy John’s
LB Floral
Memories in a Flash
Men’s Wearhouse
The Pour Guys
Regal Carriages
Rothchild Catering
Sequoyah Entertainment
Southern Sirens
The Standard
Star Noir Studio