Two Ideas for a Destination Wedding

As nation-wide coordinators, we have seen a lot of weddings. Big, small, elegant, rustic, we’re firm believers that any wedding you want can happen anywhere. After all, it’s a celebration of you completely centered around what you want out of the day. In this vein, we wanted to take a moment today to discuss two very different, but equally exciting, ideas for a jaw-dropping destination wedding!

Photo credits: Honeysuckle Hills (left), The Cardinal’s Nest (center), Parkside Resort (right)

  1. The Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. A hometown favorite, the Smoky Mountains are a geographical wonder brimming with natural beauty. Drawing in thousands of visitors annually, these mountains have quickly become a mainstay among couples planning a destination wedding. Accordingly, a plethora of top-notch wedding venues have sprung up in response to the overwhelming demand. Whether you’re looking to plan a more intimate celebration with a rustic feel (try Honeysuckle Hills) or an opulent affair at the height of sophistication (we recommend Parkside Resort or The Cardinal’s Nest), the Smoky Mountains are guaranteed to give you anything you could ask for.

    Photo credits: The Bellagio Hotel (left), The Westin on Lake Las Vegas (right)

  2. Las Vegas, Nevada. Lauded far and wide as the wedding capital of the world, Las Vegas is an ideal choice for the couple who wants a bright, invigorating experience in one of the most iconic locations in the country. However, if you’re only thinking about the stereotypical Elvis-officiated ceremony, you’re missing out on the incredible variety of venues the city has to offer. Want a high-profile wedding with a metropolitan feel? You’ve got the Fountains of Bellagio. Going for a more personal ceremony away from the lights and sounds of the Strip? The Westin on Lake Las Vegas will take your breath away. Be sure to check out for deals and specials to make your destination planning process even easier on your budget too! Still looking for more venues? Check out this list of 100 Best Things to do in Las Vegas for all the suggestions you could need.

Regardless of which location you choose, destination weddings do require a special approach to the planning process. Be sure to keep a few things in mind:

  • Consider what you can realistically travel with. Favors, rentals, decor, and formalwear take up a lot of room in a car and can quickly skyrocket your budget if you’re traveling by plane. Consider sourcing as much as you can from your wedding destination to alleviate this concern.
  • You can’t meet with your vendors in person. Carefully research your vendors and choose wisely, as you will typically only have the information from their websites and your communications to build your impressions. For example, you likely can’t travel to your destination to have a tasting with your caterer beforehand, so comb through the reviews to inform your choices.
  • Transportation will likely become a higher priority here than it would if you were getting married locally. Unless you’re driving, be certain to know your itinerary and make any transportation arrangements well in advance.

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