Well Wishes for the Mr. & Mrs.: Five Unique Wedding Guestbook Ideas

No matter how big or small, every detail of your wedding should reflect the unique personalities of the bride and groom. And, while there’s nothing wrong with a traditional guestbook, there are so many other options that might just make more sense in the grand scheme of your ideal wedding. Below are just a few options for the couple who want a guestbook that’s a little more special than the rest.

  1. Polariod Guestbook. Get visual with your guestbook! A polaroid guestbook allows your friends and family to be captured in the moment as they celebrate your union. Plus, you’ll have these candid photos to complement the shots your photographer takes during your big day. Simply set out a few Sharpies for messages from your loved ones, and you have an instant (and deeply personal) scrapbook by the time of your grand exit!
  2. Thumbprint Guestbook. Why not make a little art on your wedding day? A thumbprint guestbook is perfect for anyone at your reception–and especially great for kids who may not have their writing skills down yet. Place a couple of inkpads in front of the canvas and let everyone get creative as they wish you well. Plus, once your wedding is over, this thumbprint guestbook can easily double as the first piece of art to display when you get home.

3. Heart Drop Guestbook. Who says a guestbook has to be on paper? The heart drop guestbook, like the thumbprint guestbook, is ideal for a couple who wants to incorporate memories from their wedding into their home decor. Have everyone in attendance sign a heart and slide it into the frame, and you have an adorable piece of wall art with the names of everyone who came together to make your big day magical. Want to take it a step further? Slide out the glass and glue the hearts in place to ensure that each and every one is prominently displayed.

4. Quilt Guestbook. The quilt guestbook is a must-have for the couple who wants their wedding memories to keep them warm both inside and out. Available in an array of color schemes, this guestbook idea needs nothing more than a few felt pens and some heartfelt messages from those closest to you. Can’t sew? No problem–just mail the cloth squares back to the seller and they will assemble the quilt for you in 3-6 weeks!

5. Globe Guestbook. If love means the world to you, a globe guestbook is the way to go. Just find a globe whose style and colors match your wedding vision, and voila–instant guestbook. We recommend opting for black or metallic markers to ensure maximum readability and personality.

Do you have any other alternative wedding guestbook ideas? We want to hear them! Otherwise, we’ll be back next week!