Why Are Photographers So Expensive?

If you’re planning your wedding, you know as well as anyone that creating and outlining your budget can be a daunting task to complete. You expect your venue and catering to be your biggest expenses, sure–until you start talking to photographers. Suddenly you’re in shell shock, astonished at the number of zeros on the photographer’s quote, and you wonder how exactly that number came to be. Luckily, we’re here to tell you! Below are three reasons that photographers cost what they do (and are well worth the money.

(Photographer: Star Noir Studio)

  1. So much equipment. Your photographer has to have an array of cameras, lenses, flashes, shades, reflectors, and so much more–not to mention the software they also have to purchase in order to edit your photos. Photographers have to make enormous financial investments in their careers if they want to succeed in their field, and all of this equipment will be present at your wedding. Therefore, some of those costs will necessarily figure into a photographer’s rate. And believe me, you want someone who’s using the best equipment to capture the most magical day of your life.

    (Photographer: Star Noir Studio)

  2. A day-long booking. Unless you’re booking a photographer from a service with multiple photographers working for the same business, your photographer most likely won’t be able to accept another job on the day of your wedding simply because of how long will take to shoot your event. Therefore, a photographer has to charge not only for the sheer amount of time the job will take (and it’s a lot more than you probably think), but also for the fact that, for a wedding, their entire workday is often going to consist of one gig rather than several smaller jobs. What’s more, editing takes forever, and hiring a photographer for “a single day” refers only to a single day of shooting–and then several days of editing.

    (Photographer: Star Noir Studio)

  3. A second shooter. More often than not, in order to get all of the images you want from your wedding, you’ll want to hire a photographer with a second shooter. This is the only way to get shots of both of your faces when you see each other across the aisle for the first time, as well as multiple perspectives of the reception and your grand exit. It may increase your photography costs pretty significantly, but we promise that you’ll be happy with your decision when you get your pictures back.

We hope these points help to ease some of your budget anxiety and influence you to hire the photographer you connect with the most! If you have any other thoughts that you’d like for us to add to our list, please shoot us an email at!